Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Glasgow and Perth and the nasty A9...

These show, respectively, a BMW GS1150 parked up in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on Sunday, apparently ridden by a man from Minsk who was looking for cash And the view from the Travelodge in Perth, last night. Nice sky!
I left Perth about 9.30 this morning and set off up the A9, which should be one of the best motorcycling roads in the UK, but manages instead to be one of the most dangerous. Not, I think, as deadly as it is for car drivers, though.
It's various things: the scenery (distracting); the unhinged combination of very slow and insanely fast driving from people who haven't the skill to handle either; the switching from single to dual carriageway, and the unpredictable length of the dual bits. Add to that (for a biker) terrible road surfaces and the constant turn-offs and entries, and it can be a horrible experience. But...if you accept it for what it is, recognise the dangers and accept the delays without getting wracked with impatience (while taking the opportunities afforded by a ferociously fast motorbike for easy overtaking), it's doable. And then, at the Moy roadworks, when you slip effotlessly to the front of a mile-long queue...that's revenge enough on caravans, trucks and smoke-belching diesel Citroen Xsaras of a certain age...
Black Isle tonight, Wick tomorrow, then the ferry to Orkney.

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